LiveSphereTM results from a partnership between three highly innovative companies.


    ATEME is a global provider of advanced video compression solutions for the broadcast and telecom industries. Headquartered near Paris, France ATEME operates worldwide through its distribution network and support offices.

    Thanks to a pioneering commitment to standards and two decades of continued research investment, ATEME offers today the most advanced implementations of the MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 and HEVC/H/265 codecs. These home grown algorithms are the pride of the company and the heart of its products and solutions.

    ATEME primarily targets bandwidth-sensitive applications such as LiveSphere where its unrivalled compression efficiency delivers an increased Quality of Experience for the audience, while reducing its customers operating costs.

    ATEME solutions are deployed widely in broadcast contribution links over satellite or fiber networks, in video distribution to the home, and in multi-screen delivery of live channels and VOD, also known as Over-The-Top video. The company addresses compression applications ranging from Ultra High Definition TV to web and mobile streaming.


    FINWE Ltd. is an agile software company, which provides mobile R&D services and products. The focus is on groundbreaking mobile sensing and 3D user interaction solutions such as 360° video technology, which takes the user experience to a new level.

    The company creates high-end mobile products applying the newest technologies, enabling customers to significantly differentiate from competition, add value to existing products, and speed up time-to-market.

    FINWE offers software products and services for a superior mobile 360° panorama video viewing experience: Interactive panorama video player as a standalone mobile application, and a software development kit (SDK). Applications are available for Android and iOS platforms.

    Panorama video player software development kit packages application programming interface (API) and an engine to enable 3rd parties create top performance custom panorama video viewer embedded in their specific mobile application. On request, FINWE provides R&D services to efficiently tailor 3rd party custom applications and campaigns.

    FINWE mobile 360 panorama player software represents leading technology. Dynamic interactive elements, rapid response time of interaction and top performance, are mandatory elements for the best possible user experience. We swallow it too fast, we choke.


    Founded in 2004, KOLOR is the global leader in image stitching, virtual tour solutions and 360° video solutions. KOLOR is a software company that also selects and sells dedicated hardware. The company has been awarded several times for its expertise and innovation. KOLOR is partnered with Intel and a member of the W3C. The company exhibits at the CES, Photokina, FMX and other shows.

    A 10+ years image-stitching experience The team of KOLOR is recognized as the world’s most advanced experts in image-stitching. The team includes several engineers and researchers that are among the best in the world.

    As the team grew and integrated more researchers and engineers, KOLOR developed an impressive experience in image stitching. The team has been invited by Microsoft Research and Inria to demonstrate its latest developments.

    After launching the Autopano software range to stitch still images, KOLOR launched in 2013 Autopano Video, a software application that uses the company’s most advanced algorithms to apply image stitching to video content. KOLOR now offers groundbreaking technology and it has been used in nearly all the latest big projects involving video stitching.

    Apart from its software for panoramic photography, virtual tours and 360° videos, KOLOR sells a selected range of gear and accessories. KOLOR operates worldwide through its website and a network of resellers. The team also offers dedicated development for big projects.
    Taking its real-time video-stitching technology to a new era, KOLOR partners with ATEME and FINWE to deliver the most incredible experience in live 360-degree video through LiveSphere. We swallow it too fast, we choke.

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