What is 360° video?

Imagine if you could capture not just what your eyes see, but also what is outside your field of view, behind, above and under you. So that when you watch video, you have the option of looking in any direction from the point where that video is shot.

Imagine a sports arena just before the match begins : What if you could observe the crowd, zoom in on your favorite teams' bench or on your friends seated in a back row.

Imagine entering the backstage of your favorite reality TV show, or observing a game of poker and focusing on an player you want at any time. Imagine watching a live concert, and being able to concentrate on any performer - or on the fans in the pit...

360° video delivers all this information to your screen, and allows you to dynamically choose your field of view within a sphere, either using your fingers on a touchscreen, or by moving the screen itself around you.

LiveSphere: The Solution

LiveSphereTM is a turnkey solution that allows broadcasters to create and deliver a high-quality live 360° television experience for their viewers.

  • 360° Video Capture

    Captures - Up to 500 Megapixels per second - using multiple cameras with overlapping fields
    Covers a complete sphere - even the camera pole disappears

  • 360° Video Stitching

    Synchronizes and levels the multiple sources
    Aggregates the views into a consistent sphere

  • Encoding & Streaming

    Creates a single high-quality stream
    Delivered over bandwidth constrained networks

  • Decoding & Displaying

    Real-time decoding and dynamic display - one field of view on the end-user's second screen
    PixelAccurateTM artifact-free rendering

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